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Not Your Everyday Material Handling Solution

Design Sleek and Custom Material Handling Systems for Your Business

Don’t adapt your business to some standard system when you can custom design equipment to fit your existing lines.

Sarka specializes in designing custom solutions that increase your efficiency. Save time and labor with quality engineering.

Metal Detection Conveyor
Metal Detection Conveyor

Examples of Conveyors Built by Sarka

  • Belt Conveyor
  • Roller Conveyor
  • Chain Conveyor
  • Accumulation Conveyor
  • Sorting Conveyor
  • Ball Transfer Conveyor

  • Magnetic Conveyor
  • Metal Detection Conveyor
  • Scrap Conveyor
  • Packaging Conveyor
  • Feeder Conveyor
  • Steel Hinge (Endura Flight / Apron) Conveyor
  • CDLR Conveyor
  • BDLR Conveyor
  • Table Top Chain Conveyor
  • Modular Belting Conveyor

We Partner With…

Plant managers, maintenance supervisors, and engineers from packaging, plastics, injection mold, steel processing, automotive, manufacturing, machining, and other industries locally and across the globe to design and build custom conveyor systems that make their processes work more efficiently.

  • Hiring the perfect skill set to troubleshoot and fix machine issues is near impossible. Sarka has a versatile employee base who comes on site to evaluate equipment issues and get machines running again. Their response time is incredible. Sarka can bring equipment back to their facility and rebuild better than the original machine in many cases. They will even reverse engineer a better product that exists on the market.

    – JS

    Make Your Move with a Custom Conveyor Solution from Sarka

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